Arms and Sleepers


A time when we were all one and free, and we stood, with our hands in hands with a blue sky on top and countless shades of trees.
Let’s unite with our this week’s special and let music speak for us, for it has in it a magic that will cast a spell on you. A beautiful morning with our guest Arms and Sleepers and those ready to embark on a cosy Sunday morning.

Progressive, Pacey and Dreamy

Today, we bring you the ambient, trip-hop band Arms and Sleepers, comprising the duo Max Lewis from Boston and Mirza Ramic from Portland, Maine. They released their first EPs in 2006, of which “Bliss Was It In That Dawn To Be Alive” was the most notable.

For those of you ready to pass on a beatific Sunday morning, try Tiger Tempo. On the other hand, By Some Miracle is a hauntingly beautiful song by Philip Selway from his solo debut album Familial released in 2010. Listening to it is a walk down memory lane to the days when alternative was the rage, led by Radiohead. Unfurla by Clark is yet another track recommended by our guest which may energise you.

Arms and Sleepers’ morning inspiration

Andrew Bird - Near Death Experience Experience

Arms and Sleepers: Absolutely love this song - stellar instrumentation and the perfect Sunday morning wake-up call. I spent a couple of days in Istanbul this summer for the Arms and Sleepers show there, and a friend I was staying with played this track on a lovely Sunday morning with the frenetic sounds of the city coming in through the window. It was the perfect tranquilizer to the city’s hectic (but energizing) lifestyle.

Philip Selway - By Some Miracle

Arms and Sleepers: I first heard this song through the music video directed by the super talented David Altobelli. After falling in love with the video, I fell in love with the song. Its moody atmosphere, beautiful melodies, and lazy pace are just the right stuff for my Sunday mornings.

Clark - Unfurla

Arms and Sleepers: This is a new song, but I’ve been listening to it a lot ever since its release (so maybe not just on Sunday mornings). This tune really gets me going as I’m starting a new day - great, great energy.

That’s all we have in stock for this week’s episode. We hope you like it until then auf wiedersehen. A big thank to our guest Arms and Sleeper for his morning selection. Enjoy your sunday.
Text by Siddhartha.