Milo McBride


With this week’s MailTape we have made yet another discovery, featuring an inspired music producer from New York who, along with his groundbreaking selection, is all set to take you on an oracular journey of beats and rhythms, so fasten up your seatbelts and get ready because this Sunday we will be onboard and flying with Milo McBride.

Discover Neverland

We have an idea, how about we let you discover this week’s episode without giving too much away, just so you could come to us later and tell us about your experience in outer space. With that said, we hope you have an amazing tour. Enjoy!

Milo McBride’s morning inspiration

Wildkatz - John Waters

Milo McBride: Nomadic beatsmith / innovative vagabond , Wildkatz produces various styles and flavors. In “John Waters” , he uses this sample with such ease - even though disjointed and asymmetric, it flows like butter.

Abu Ashley - Hussein Online (Habibi Mix)

Milo McBride: Now living in Berlin, Abu Ashley makes house and techno that relates back his Egyptian roots in Port Said. His first release for [Pa-rka] Records included this gem - “Hussein Online”. Between the pulsating bass and soothing pads, the track has great vibes (also worth peeping the video).

Ghost Town DJ’s - My Boo

Milo McBride: NY based video artist and photographer, Minister Akins also makes some really soulful music. Just when the wall of ambience in “Holy Communion” puts you at peace - the sub falls in and the energy starts flowing forward. A great way to start a set or even your morning playlist.

That’s all folks! A big thank to our guest Milo McBride and their morning selection. And thanks to Ludo who made this possible and Siddhartha for the text. Enjoy your sunday.