Matthew Halsall


This morning, our guest’ selection will probably widen your morning musical horizon! Please welcome on stage the Manchester based trumpeter Matthew Halsall.

The Jazz Heroe of our generation

Beauty wins over strong opinion. This morning, have a seat, forget the word Jazz, prepare to meditate and turn on one of Matthew Halsall’s albums he released on his own label Gondwana Records. Subtle references, heart-warming tones and fresh musical landscapes will arise. We hope you’ll enjoy his sunday morning cocktail.

His morning inspiration

Harpista - He Has a Name (Awareness)

Matthew Halsall: Anyone who listens to my music will know how much I love the harp work of Alice Coltrane and Dorothy Ashby and I recently discovered this amazing new harpist Brandee Younger based in Brooklyn, United States. This track is very refreshing and perfect for a Sunday morning.

The Cinematic Orchestra - Necrology

Matthew Halsall: On a slightly more electronic tip The Cinematic Orchestra’s latest offering Motion Pt. 1 features a track called Necrology which builds beautifully. If you are a fan of Steve Reich as I am you’ll love this! another beauty to slowly wake you up on a lazy Sunday morning.

Phil France - The Swimmer

Matthew Halsall: And finally here’s a real special one from The Cinematic Orchestra’s bassist Phil France. This track has been one of the most played tracks on my home stereo over the last eight months. It’s so uplifting and makes me feel like I’m about to take off.

That’s all folks! A big thank to our guest Matthew Halsall for his soulful selection, to Kerstan Mackness that made this episode possible and to Simon Hunt for the photo.

PS: Today is the 150# MailTape episode, big up Max, Ludo and Dimitri ! And big up to each one of you, thanks for listening!