This morning, discover Lucien. Lucien is the founder of Ventura Records, a recently borned Parisian Label. Ventura tries to articulate its work around three principles: reflection, surprize and contemplation. And this is what this MailTape is all about.

Songs as paintings

If you do like abstract painting, you should like today’s MailTape. Similarly to the slow process of an eye trying to get the essence of a painter’s gesture and intention, songs will only reveal their true meaning if you do dare to pay appropriate attention to them. Now sit down, close your eyes and, happy contemplation!

Lucien’s morning inspiration

Spooky Black - Reason

Lucien: Spooky Black aka Lil Spooky… I don’t even remember how I found out about him. I checked out “Reason” video and completely got caught by his vibe: the shitty post-sovietic landscape, the VASELINE t-shirt, the jaded face and above all the awesome song!

V E S T I G E - wishuwerehere

Lucien: Super-refreshing tune! Vestige is from California, there’s a strong Soulection element in his groove. Those guys changed the game, they created unexpected new bonds between genres…even if I don’t really make this kind of music, this whole wave definitely switched something in my head as a producer.

Rubba - Way Star

Lucien: Some people need a big blunt before sleeping. I can’t close an eye if I don’t get my daily “Rubba” dose, it’s my lullaby. This song from 1980 went under the light a few years ago, when Madlib sampled it for Freddie Gibbs’s immense “Thuggin”.

That’s all folks! A big thank to our guest Lucien for his morning selection. Enjoy your sunday.