Discover this morning Doprah, a fine band from New Zealand whose tracks are filled with emotion and passion. An episode which will inspire you beautiful dreams in your bed and motivate you gently to walk outside and feel the warmth of the sun caressing your skin.

Green is our color

It is Doprah, our guest of the week and a band from Christchurch whose name is set amidst the shade of green in big white letters. This week’s episode is bound to leave an impression as it communicates to your soul.

The playlist begins with Sea Oleena’s “If I am” which is more than enough for you to keep your ears open. The rest, we ask you to leave it to the playlist for it flows like a fading memory of someone’s dream; of a sojourner’s perhaps. While halfway past the playlist the two tracks “Whatever you want” & “I Fell in love” come off as being true to their colors.

Overall, this subtle and much loved selection featuring Doprah is sure to make your Sunday morning special.

Doprah’s morning inspiration

Sea Oleena - If I’m

Doprah: Sea Oleena is an artist I’ve very recently discovered. I have no idea where she’s based.. I think her sound has this real quietness of mind and a very melancholic simplicity to it. Especially towards the end, Sea Oleena creates such a comforting sound in this track that feels just like laying mindlessly in bed in the morning.

Club Kuru - All The Days

Doprah: I first saw club kuru on some blog with 2 other tracks like a year ago and everyday since then i’ve been depressed that thats it. There are only two songs you can find. I love this song and the production is so smooth. I wish i knew how to do the crazy drum programming shit at the end of it.

Alexandre Angrignon - Turning Red

Doprah: I was really into (Sidewalk) Meese which was alex’s previous project but i think this song is just really great song writing. not only musically but lyrically as well.

That’s all folks! A big thank to our guest Doprah for their eclectic selection and Siddhartha for his story. Enjoy your sunday.