This morning, our guest’ selection is a pure ode to relaxness. Please welcome the young and amazing belgian producer LUUUL.

Chillwave summer

Chillwave music has pretty popular for many years now, but new talented producers continue to pop up all around the globe. LUUUL is definitely one of the most promising one. His music has everything to make you dream and make our existences worth livin’.

His morning inspiration

Paradis - Garde Le Pour Toi

LUUUL: Paradis are amazing. I have never been so much addicted to a band. They’re about to release their debut album and I truly believe that it is going to be a blast. Everything they do is just perfect.

Haring - Us

LUUUL: I am being a bit nationalistic on that one. He is from brussels and his track Us has just been shared by SuicideSheep. I am convinced he is going to become famous.

Vagabond - Her (Petit Biscuit Remix)

LUUUL: Petit Biscuit, it is crazy how young this dude is and has already created such a strong and unique univers. He is a good friend of mine and we’re probably going to release something together in the next months.

That’s all folks! A big thank to our guest LUUUL for his chilly selection. Enjoy your sunday.